The Enneagram and Writing Characters

Ah, the Enneagram. Some embrace it wholeheartedly. Some use it as an excuse for their behavior. Some dismiss it as just another personality test. Some, who have no idea what the Enneagram even is, might be cautious. For writers, though, I encourage you to learn about this tool and use it—because I believe it’s powerful … Continue reading The Enneagram and Writing Characters

Easter Thoughts

As I write this on Easter morning, I am rejoicing. It’s a wild world, a time when we’re not able to gather with the rest of the Body of Christ in person, but still the Truth remains: Christ is risen! He is risen, indeed! On Good Friday this year, I was struck by a new … Continue reading Easter Thoughts

March 2020 Writing Update

Trying to keep up with my writing goals and aspirations while being a graduate student is difficult. I learned that very quickly last semester. Yet halfway through the second semester of my program, I’m still frustrated with my lack of progress. My frustration, I think, is partly because writing is a deep part of who … Continue reading March 2020 Writing Update

Book Review: Adorning the Dark by Andrew Peterson

Andrew Peterson’s Adorning the Dark is an artists’ retreat captured in book form. That’s the simplest and truest way I can describe its impact on me. Adorning the Dark is part-memoir of Peterson’s artistic journey and personal life, part-spiritual reminders for creative souls, part-guidebook for artists. The book isn’t just for your typical “creatives”—writers, musicians, … Continue reading Book Review: Adorning the Dark by Andrew Peterson

I’m Still a Writer

I didn’t write a single new book in 2019. Sure, I did edit two different novels. I created and plotted a whole new series. And this isn’t the first year I haven’t written a new novel. I didn’t complete a new one in 2017 either, and, in fact, I made more writing progress this past … Continue reading I’m Still a Writer