Whitman Court (In Progress)

This series is unpublished.

Contemporary middle grade fantasy about a group of neighborhood kids who go on fantastical adventures from the comfort of their shared cul-de-sac, Whitman Court (otherwise known as Whitman Kingdom). Currently focused on pitching the first book, The Queen of Whitman Court, though have a few rough drafts and many ideas for additional sequels.

Pitch for The Queen of Whitman Court (approximately 26,000 words):

Though it might be impossible for one child to rule all of Imagination, it certainly doesn’t stop Melody Evergreen, age 9, from trying. But Melody’s not the only one who wants the honor—Cadence Maple wants the crown for herself.

When Melody Evergreen moves to the neighborhood, she isn’t interested in making friends. She knows she’ll only have to say good-bye to them when her family inevitably moves away in a year or two, and she’d rather not go through that pain again. However, when she discovers a magic crown in her backyard, she can’t help but use it to create an imaginary kingdom to play in with her brother and the four other families of Whitman Court. As Melody and her citizens explore their new kingdom together, Cadence and her own lackeys (that is, her younger siblings) work in the shadows, trying to find a way to steal Melody’s crown. If Cadence succeeds in getting the crown, she would destroy everything Melody created and rule Whitman Court with an iron fist once again.