Welcome to my humble corner of the internet, created to share my stories (both fiction and real) with the world. My name is Madelynn Orion, and my titles are Christian, Writer, Professor-in-Training, and Minnesotan, among others. If stories interest you, then you are in the right place. As a writer, I enjoy studying stories to see how they work and to learn from them. I also think of life itself as a story, written by the Author of the Universe.

As a part of my story-studies, I write blog posts on literature, the writing life, and faith at least twice a month. Feel free to check those out here or sign up for email notifications in the sidebar! I’m also active on Instagram, so for extra content, follow me there @madelynnorion.

I’m also an author of young adult and middle grade fantasy novels, including Our Company of Fools (published 2021), Whitman Court (in progress), and The Myth-Keepers (in progress).

Here’s to stories, the ones we love, the ones we write, and the ones we live!