Welcome to my humble corner of the internet, created to share my stories (both fiction and real) with the world. My name is Madelynn Orion, and my titles are Christian, Writer, Baylor Alumna, and OYANer (a member of the One Year Adventure Novel community), among others. I predominately write young adult fantasy and science fiction. If stories interest you, then you are in the right place. I love stories myself, which is why I write and why I left Baylor University (the first time) with an English degree. As a writer, I enjoy studying stories to see how they work, try and understand why people love them, and to learn from them. I also think of life itself as a story, our story written by the Author of the Universe.

My first book, Our Company of Fools, is out now! It is available for purchase on Amazon here. I’m very excited to take this next step in my writing journey.

Here’s to stories, the ones we love, the ones we write, and the ones we live!