Happy Third Birthday, Our Company of Fools

Three years ago on this very day, I completed the first draft of Our Company of Fools, my 7th full draft to finish. It is the book I never counted on, my accident novel. I spontaneously started writing it in the airport as I waited to leave a writer’s workshop, and after some minimal plotting, … Continue reading Happy Third Birthday, Our Company of Fools

In Celebration of Finishing the Rough Draft of The Queen of Imagination

On Tuesday, November 27, 2018, I typed the final words to the first draft of The Queen of Imagination, my slice-of-life middle grade novel exploring friendship, the adventures of childhood, and what it means to start growing up. It is the ninth book I’ve completed a full draft of. Loosely based off of my own … Continue reading In Celebration of Finishing the Rough Draft of The Queen of Imagination

Thoughts on Writing Fictionalized Autobiography

My working definition of “Fictionalized Autobiography”: Fictional stories heavily based off of your personal life experiences and starring a main character who represents and resembles you. Not meant to be 100% accurate compared to actual life events and is different from autobiography and creative nonfiction.  ~ I’ve frequently heard from writing professionals that you shouldn’t … Continue reading Thoughts on Writing Fictionalized Autobiography

Why Life Makes Us Stronger Writers

Life is messy and painful. Full of conflict and discomfort. Broken and, at times, difficult to navigate. But it’s also filled with family and friends and achievable dreams. It provides us with a purpose: living a good life. Lately, I’ve seen more of the conflict of life than the joy. Some days, it’s hard to … Continue reading Why Life Makes Us Stronger Writers

Write Like No One’s Reading

When we write something, we hope that those we share it with will receive it positively. If we choose to share it in the first place, that is. More often than not, it takes a lot of convincing to get writers (myself included) to share our work with someone else, frequently because we’re scared of … Continue reading Write Like No One’s Reading