Hitting Pause on Consistency: A Brief Memo

I fully intended to stay on top of my posting. That goal had nothing to do with my readership (which is very, very tiny), but was solely because of my own personal commitment to keep writing consistently. Quite frankly, I am writing consistently. Graduate school papers, that is. It’s been a whirlwind first three weeks … Continue reading Hitting Pause on Consistency: A Brief Memo

Reading Recap: May – August 2019

Note: I would consider these reviews to be spoiler free. However, I do mention (in vague language) what I liked or disliked about each book/series. I also provide my impression of the ending (i.e. whether it satisfied me or not). Again, I don’t give any detailed or specific spoilers, but I wanted to place an … Continue reading Reading Recap: May – August 2019

September 2019 Writing Update

Fall is on the horizon and I can’t wait for the weather to get chillier! But, seeing as Texas is still in the upper 90s, I might have to wait a long time… Other than the colder weather, Fall also brings back two of my favorite things: football and school. Speaking of school, you might … Continue reading September 2019 Writing Update

Writing for & Working With Young Adults: The Overlap

In recent weeks, I’ve written on how I’m pursuing of Student Affairs as my fulltime career (by attending graduate school first) over writing. Though focusing most of my time and energy on a career besides writing seems like it would conflict with my creative work, there are actually a few overlaps between my two professional … Continue reading Writing for & Working With Young Adults: The Overlap

Hello, This is Me: Year 22

As I type this, I’m sipping my morning cup of coffee. It’s a daily occurrence for me, usually followed up by another cup in the early afternoon. The morning cup I usually have over (or after) a dive into God’s incredible Word. I like to save the afternoon cup for writing time. I entered my … Continue reading Hello, This is Me: Year 22

August 2019 Writing Update

How is it already August?! In spite of my disbelief for how quickly time flies, this post’s delay actually isn’t because I lost track of the time. I wanted to give my Gap Year post (read it here) some space before posting again, and I honestly didn’t know if I’d get to writing this by … Continue reading August 2019 Writing Update

My Unexpected, Unplanned, Unwanted Gap Year

Vulnerability alert! I failed hard last year. Okay, maybe I’m being hard on myself, but last summer I certainly felt like the World’s Biggest Failure of 2018 and Life. It took many months to rebuild my confidence, my sense of life direction, and pieces of my relationship with God. So what happened? Great question. The … Continue reading My Unexpected, Unplanned, Unwanted Gap Year