The Ultimate Comfort: God

The Ultimate Comfort: God

Complete moment of vulnerability here: this is not the post I had originally planned for today. But this weekend I had a powerful experience with God’s mercy and the power of prayer in the face of many, many stressors, and wanted to share my story in the hopes that it would be encouraging for someone else.

This past week was pretty miserable for me. It started off with a bout of food poisoning during a flight back to Texas, coupled with a missed connection delaying my arrival home by five hours. During the week, when I wasn’t sleeping or in class, I struggled to stay on top of my homework and job stuff. Additionally, two huge assignments that I had barely given much intentional thought to loomed over me: a paper turned in yesterday and a presentation I’ll give tomorrow, collectively worth 40% of my grade in the same class. In the midst of that, I wrestled with feelings of doubt and uncertainty about my future plans coming together in the way I want them to. And it literally rained—all week long. Miserable weather to traverse campus in.

Once I hit Friday, though, I felt optimistic. I felt in control of my work, I was a little more settled about the future, and I looked forward to spending a long and fun date with my boyfriend to make up for my weekends away. Then two concerns—things that I didn’t need to handle right away—were brought to my attention, right before my date. So, instead of fully enjoying my date and remaining present, I was distracted and annoyed with myself. Instead of getting better, my week kept up its streak of disappointments and stressors.

Friday night, I hardly slept at all, tossing and turning all night. Saturday—a day I needed to buckle down and really focus on my English paper—started with extreme grogginess. I was upset. Why wasn’t God answering my prayers for rest? Motivation? Renewal?

Then, as I started my day intended for paper writing and paper writing alone, my friend invited me to a worship service that afternoon. And I accepted, in spite knowing how much work lay before me. I figured I would need it.

And I did. Attending that worship event with her was the turning point. Taking the time to rest in God’s presence and praise Him led me to feel more energized and awake than all of my previously-consumed coffee had. Throughout the rest of the day, I continued with joy and energy.

God had answered prayers—my prayers.

Little blessings and answers to prayers popped up during the rest of the day, too. Unexpected, yet affirming.

It amazes me that even though I fail to be perfect, even though I don’t always approach my work with diligence, and even though I worry incessantly about the tasks before me, God still loves me. He still hears me. He wants me to recognize Him and rest in His presence so much that sometimes He has to lead me through significant stress to remind me that He is in control and He is the ultimate and only comfort I need.

So, this week, with the paper I felt rushed to prepare turned in, a presentation to give on Tuesday, a long yet important interview on Wednesday, a midterm on Thursday, and, of course, all the other ins and outs of my daily life, I feel more at peace and more joyous than I have for a while. God’s got me, He hears me, and, above all, He loves me. His grace is sufficient, and His mercies are new each morning. How grateful I am for Him and His blessings today!

May you, too, find that He answers your prayers. Never stop praying, never stop believing in Him, and never stop taking the time to praise Him. The worries of this world are temporary, but our God—He is eternal!