Book Review: The Writer’s Devotional

Book Review: The Writer’s Devotional by Amy Peters

The Writer’s Devotional: 365 Inspirational Exercises, Ideas, Tips & Motivations on Writing by Amy Peters helps me mentally prepare for my writing each day. Over the course of 365 days (divided into 52 weeks), Peters has provided daily page-long blurbs on various topics relevant to the writer’s life. Each day of the week represents a different topic (i.e. Tuesdays are always Motivational entries, Sundays always writing prompts, etc.). Its aim is to inspire, teach, and push writers; Peters accomplishes that through a simple and fun method.

One of the aspects of Peters’s Writer’s Devotional that I appreciate are the book recommendations (offered every Saturday), since I personally rarely think about reading as a part of the writing process. Interestingly, some of the books Peters has recommended I’ve ended up reading in my novel classes. When I recognized some of the books I’m reading for class this semester from The Writer’s Devotional, my perspective on my English classes changed. Viewing my novel classes as a part of developing myself as a writer—something I hadn’t necessarily done throughout my college career—prompts me to be more engaged and tuned into my reading. Ultimately I believe I will benefit from this mindset and become a more intelligent writer as a result, and it is all thanks to Peters for giving me this outlook on my English classes.

Another reason why I’ve enjoyed going through this book is that every day provides something new, and even though Peters cycles through the same themes week after week, I’m never bored or uninterested by her blurbs. Each day brings something fresh that helps me get more into the writer’s mindset. Whether I’m writing novel chapters or essays, starting my writing time with her entry for the day always gets me in the mood.

Peters’s The Writer’s Devotional is a simple tool to help writers focus when it comes time to work on writing, and is something I intend to repeat going through over and over again as the years continue. I appreciate the tips, motivations, and learning about other writers that she provides. It puts me in the right mindset every time I sit down to write. If you’re looking for a motivational tool, I would recommend The Writer’s Devotional.