Book Review: Go Teen Writers

Book Review: Go Teen Writers

Go Teen Writers, by Stephanie Morrill and Jill Williamson, has been a part of my life since 2013, when I was first introduced to it (and the authors) at the One Year Adventure Novel Summer Workshop. Still to this day, it is a resource that I continually refer to as I work to polish my own manuscripts on the path to publication. Both Morrill and Williamson share their personal experiences and present their expertise in a way that makes them relatable and easy to understand. The somewhat terrifying world of publishing is made accessible through their writing.

Go Teen Writers has a special place in my heart because it was essentially the first book on the craft of writing I ever read. Over the years, I still referred back to it as I learned how to undergo the editing process of various novel drafts, how to write cover letters to submit with short story submissions to magazines, and how to begin pursuing traditional publication. As I continue to work towards becoming a published novelist for the first time, I know it will remain one of my foundational books in helping me navigate how to break into the publishing industry. While I may not find it as valuable a resource once I am established as a writer, as a novice it is one of my greatest resources.

As an overview, Morrill and Williamson tackle what occurs after the first draft of a novel is written, from editing both large plot points and small details to explaining the publication industry. With short and informative chapters, their book is clear, succinct, and full of great advice. Additionally, their voices shine throughout, engaging the reader with their down-to-earth style and personal examples. While Go Teen Writers, as the name suggests, is geared towards teen authors, I would also recommend it to any novice writers seeking out traditional publication, as Morrill and Williamson do a tremendous job at explaining the details about the post-writing process that tend to overwhelm most people.

In addition to their wonderful book, Morrill and Williamson also host an online community for teen writers full of additional resources. They write blog posts, send out a newsletter, have started putting up YouTube videos, and more. (Also, they both write young adult novels!) You can find their website at, which is also where you can find more information on where to get a copy of Go Teen Writers.

If you’re a beginning writer with aspirations to be published, Go Teen Writers is a great tool to help you in your journey. I hope you will enjoy it and use it as much as I have!