Fools Friday: Our Company of Fools Soundtrack

What if Our Company of Fools had a soundtrack?

I love music and the storytelling power of music. I usually write to instrumental music, mostly video game scores or movie soundtracks, but when I’m in the car, I’m all about jamming out. Much of the time, I listen to certain songs on repeat help me think through the stories I’m writing or planning. Today, I’d like to share some of these brainstorming, inspirational songs for Our Company of Fools with you all.

A bit of author commentary on this soundtrack: I listened to SO MUCH Imagine Dragons in college around the time I worked on this book, and I can tie probably half of Imagine Dragons’ songs (pre-2020) to Leah or the Fools. So, I consider Imagine Dragons the unofficial musical artist of Our Company of Fools. I pulled the reins back a bit on how many Imagine Dragons’ tracks I included on this playlist, though, or else it would be overwhelmingly alternative rock… Not that that’s a bad thing, ha!

This playlist doesn’t include necessarily every song I associate with Our Company of Fools, but I think it covers the highlights that stretch back to the beginning of its writing through today. I also only included songs with lyrics—a lot of the instrumental music I listen to is standard across the my projects. I listen to a lot of Kingdom Hearts scores, The Lord of the Rings, and Thor soundtracks (and more) regardless of what I’m working on, so those were likely the tunes I listened to as I typed the words and revised the book. But brainstorming sessions, editing problems, and sequel ideas were fueled by the songs included on this Our Company of Fools soundtrack.

One last note: the order of the songs is intentional, modeled after the flow of the book’s story. There are songs to represent the day scenes and night scenes, that introduce Leah, bring the book to a close, and resonate with the book’s themes.

I hope you enjoy this musical journey through Our Company of Fools! Huzzah!