Our Company of Fools: Sneak Peak!

Our Company of Fools is nearly here! In anticipation of the book’s release on January 4, 2021, I wanted to give you all an early Christmas gift – a brief teaser from the first chapter.



Our Company of Fools: Before

A low growl pierces the dark of my sleep. My eyes open to blackness. I float in the colorless void, immersed in my own dream-state. My limbs hang limp. My deep breaths emerge in a methodical rhythm.

Something stirs, rippling the darkness. My body bobs on the soft wave of disturbance. I blink, drearily, and absorb the movement.

“It is the perfect opportunity,” whispers a shrill, whiny voice.

“It would be a risk,” growls a bass voice in response.

I perk my ears at the Voices.

“A risk worth taking,” returns the Whine.

“Better to take her on without allies amongst her,” mutters the Bass.

“Easier to make her fall through using them.” The Whine spits out the words. “Besides, while they’re there, the Light will attract many demons, potentially enough to overwhelm them. We can take advantage of our army’s strength.”

My eyes widen. Demons? I dare not move, not even to flinch. The darkness chills me, clamping around my bare skin like an icy vice.

The Bass snorts. “We should attack now while she’s already vulnerable. She’s primed for the fall. There’s no need to wait.”

“You’re wrong. It’s still too early,” the Whine hisses.

“How long can we risk waiting?” The Bass huffs.

The Whine sniffs. “You fret as if you’ve never done this before. You are among the chief demons. This is surely not the first Chosen you’ve taken down.” Sarcasm oozes from its words.

My thoughts spin. Demons? Chosen? What an intriguing dream… Great inspiration for a story, for sure. Hopefully I’ll remember this when I wake up.

The Bass grunts. “You are wisest when it comes to strategy. I suppose.” A hint of bitterness lingers in its tone.

“Then when the time comes, you’ll command the troops,” the Whine hisses. “Remember, it’s bigger than just her. Our Enemy’s Order will unravel if she submits to the Dark.”

The Bass laughs and the Whine joins in with a wheezy cackle, sending an icy shiver through my body.

“And to think,” the Bass growls, “we shall be praised for our work of making Leah Pool fall.”

I gasp and jerk upright, blinking to bat back the dark of the dream and the demons’ sinister cackles. Even in the comfortable blackness of my bedroom, their laughter still rings out cold and clear. Sweat clings to my skin and clothes.

When the demons’ voices finally fade, I draw my knees up to my chest and try to slow my breathing. “Me?” I whisper, my voice frail and thin. I shake my head. Calm down. It was just a dream. That’s all it was. I ease myself back onto my pillows and stare at the gray ceiling.

Just a dream, nothing more. No need to worry. My heart starts to slow again. I yawn. Just…go back to sleep…


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