April 2020 Writing Update

March was a strange month, as I’m sure we’re all feeling in some way or another. I hope that you are healthy and safe. For my fellow college students, let’s finish this semester strong, shall we? And for those of us who are anxious, let us find peace and comfort in the truth that God is with us.

In the midst of the crazy events of the past month, I celebrated the completion of a writing goal. I finished the read-through of my preexisting Onward to Tryon drafts and successfully created a new outline. I’m very excited about this new outline, because I truly think it directs the story in a way that makes the book stronger, more focused, and consistent. This book has been the bane of my writing world for some time, so to shape a narrative that I think might actually work this time is a huge relief.

I completed this new outline two weeks ago, but I have yet to start editing Onward to Tryon. This is partly because I have been transitioning to online school and work. I’ve also recently come to the realization that it may be helpful to first go through Our Company of Fools again. For starters, I have been putting off small edits in Leah’s first story that I need to complete. I also think it will add consistency between Our Company of Fools and Onward to Tryon if I work on them in succession. A third reason has to do with timing. The planned edits on Our Company of Fools  should be feasible for a month filled with school—like April—while I expect the work that needs to be done on Onward to Tryon will be more intense and time-consuming—a project better suited for May. I’m optimistic about my aspirations to recomplete Our Company of Fools by the end of April. Or perhaps ambitious is the better word…

Also, I’ve decided to return to the world of “Bookstagram.” I have no idea how active I will be or how frequently I will post, but I’m excited about having an outlet where I can post short snippets of creativity, share more about my stories, and celebrate some of my favorite fellow authors. If you like what I write on here, I anticipate it will be similar on my Instagram. You can find me @madelynn_orion_books

I hope that during this time, you are able to find rest, enjoy time with those you love, and grow closer in the Lord. And write a lot! May the peace of God be upon you this April.