Celebrating the Resurrection

“and He died for all, so that they who live might no longer live for themselves, but for Him who died and rose again on their behalf.” – 2 Corinthians 5:15 (NASB)


Today we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Jesus, whose resurrection proves that He is God, that He has conquered death, and He gives New Life to all who believe in Him. Jesus, who calls us to follow Him, who gifts His followers with His Spirit so that they may truly live for Him and His Kingdom. Jesus, who alone is worthy of all praise and glory.

On this day, this awe-inspiring day of joy, I find myself in a season of dying to the old and resurrecting in the new. The Truth expressed in 2 Corinthians is frequently on my mind these days. Even as a Christian for many years, I still struggle to die to myself and earnestly live for Christ. Over the past year, I’ve been convicted with the gravity and truth of how much I strive for my own pursuits rather than surrendering to the will of God. He is graciously growing me in what it means to live for Him, trust in Him, and pursue His Kingdom before my own temporary dreams of this world.

In this season of death and resurrection, God has taught me so much. Almost an overwhelming amount, at times. He has shown me that I tend to hope in temporary, band-aid solutions to my heartache—jobs, friends, comfort—instead of in His eternal, everlasting truths. He has revealed my own selfish, fearful tendencies and challenged me to be brave in and through Him—something I’m still working on and will probably confront again and again throughout my life. I’ve experienced His redemption as He’s given me second chances. He’s brought change into my life to remind me that stability in this world is not something to lean on; instead, I should seek and hope in His eternal promises and works. These lessons, these ways He’s worked on my heart these past months, only scratch the surface of what I’ve learned in this season.

I cannot imagine a life without knowing Christ. I could not have weathered the difficulties at all without Him walking with me. I mourn that my arrogance, my selfishness, my idolatry sent Him to the Cross. I thank Him for loving me and for His free gift of grace, which He remarkably still offers me despite of my frequently stumbling. I delight in His sanctifying work in my life. I am grateful that He provided access to the Father, gave me His Spirit, and equips me to live for Him.

He is Risen, my friends. He is Risen! I hope you join in rejoicing with me this day. Happy Easter!