The Creativity of God

The Creativity of God

Have you ever read or watched something and wished that you were that creative? Inventive? Original? Do you read your own writing and lament that you can’t seem to find an original idea? To bring your world to life? That your characters feel stiff?

Go ahead and open your Bible to Genesis 1. Read it. Marvel at it. Bask in the creativity of our God. The entire world was created by Him from nothing. Isn’t that incredible?

We as human being can only create from the world around us. Everything inventive we create comes from combining different ideas, mechanisms, and pre-existing materials. We cannot create out of nothing.

But God can.

What’s even more astounding that in spite of God’s massive creativity—from the stars and planets to the trees and animals—we, humans, are what makes His creation “very good” (verse 31). It is not until after He created us that creation was completed.

Another encouraging thing is that “God created man in His own image” (verse 27). This means we can reflect His creativity in our own work.

I find this encouraging for two reasons. First, we can glorify God by using what He has created in our own art. Depicting nature, the power of redemption, real human characters—all bring glory to Him by portraying His creative genius. Second, whenever we feel we cannot be original or inventive enough, we should never underestimate or limit our own ability to be creative.

God is creative. God created everything. Therefore, we, who are created in His image, are also meant to be creative.

The cool thing too is that we can ask God to impart some of His creative wisdom and vision upon us. How cool is it that we have access to the Creator of everything for creative advice?

God understands creativity. God invented creativity. God created you to be creative. So turn to Him whenever you feel discouraged, feel like your work isn’t good enough, or whenever you need a creative spark to invigorate your writing. He’s called us to model Him in being creative. So what are we waiting for? What’s holding us back? Let’s go forth and be writers reflecting the creative power of our God.