Fall 2020 Writing Update

I haven’t written a writing update since July.

The reason? They weren’t beneficial to anyone, not even myself.

I felt like I was just posting writing updates so that I would have something on my website. School keeps me busy and I do a lot of academic writing, so sometimes my inspiration and drive to write for my blog runs a little dry. Writing updates happen to be the low-hanging fruit for blog content.

So I decided to stop writing them monthly and only post writing updates when I had any news worthy of sharing. Which brings me to today’s update.

To start off, in full transparency, the hoped-for discipline of daily writing did not translate well into the start of my Fall semester. The first few weeks of school left me with very little breathing room, which meant little time for writing.

However, though I haven’t been writing daily as I had hoped, I have been engaged in tasks helpful for my writing craft. If you’ve been keeping up with the blog over the past couple of months, you’ll know that I’ve been revisiting my childhood favorite books. Rereading books I loved as a kid has given me a fresh perspective on writing and storytelling as a serious writer and adult, so reading The Chronicles of Narnia, A Wrinkle in Time, and, currently, The Mysterious Benedict Society have been both stress-reliefs and beneficial to my writing.

But have I done any writing in the past few months?

Yes and no. In August, I edited a draft of one of my books before the semester started, which was great. I’ve also been sort of writing other projects as time allows, but I’ve made a very exciting decision after lots of prayer and thoughtful consideration, and my commitment to that decision will take up most of my writing energy and time during the Fall. So, I may not be actively writing a new project until next year, but I will certainly be hard at work on something very relevant to my writing career.

What is this exciting decision, you may ask?

The answer will be revealed in two days’ time…