Whitman Court (In Progress)

This series is unpublished.

Genre: Contemporary slice-of-life with a dash of magical realism for a younger audience (or young-at-heart audience)

Progress: Working on Book 1 – 12 Books planned for series

The Queen of Whitman Court (Book 1)

Status: Draft 2.5 Complete


When Melody Evergreen moved to the neighborhood, she became the Queen of Whitman Court. Together, she and the four other families of the Court of Whitman claimed a sliver of imagination and built a kingdom together. The Queen was instantly beloved by all, except one Cadence Maple and her own lackeys (that is, her younger siblings).

As Melody and her citizens explore their new kingdom together, Cadence works in the shadows, trying to find a way to steal Melody’s crown. But Melody has another enemy: her resistance to friendship. Will she soften her heart to let others in, or let her family’s cross-country moves of the past keep her guard up? What an epic dilemma–don’t you think?