None of these are published – yet!

Our Company of Fools

Progress: 8th Draft

Genre: Contemporary fantasy

Back Cover:

We came to the Fools’ Writing Workshop for a week of peace. Instead, we’re fighting our demons—literally.

My friends and I are sharing the same horrific dream: hideous monsters of black smoke who show us visions of our worst fears. I worry that what I see isn’t merely a fear, but a prophecy about who I will become. I can’t tell anyone—my friends would never think of me the same, and I can’t bear the thought of their rejection. The Fools are the only ones who understand me, and I can’t lose them, not right before I go to college.

We have to stop these demons before we go our separate ways. If we can’t…will we have to face these demons alone, night after night? Will we keep living in the shadows of our worst fears, haunting us during the day?

-Leah Pool


The Queen of Imagination

Progress: 2nd Draft, waiting for reader feedback

Genre: Contemporary slice-of-life with a dash of magical realism for a younger audience (or young-at-heart audience)

Back Cover:

When Melody Evergreen moved to the neighborhood, she became the Queen of Imagination. No, not all of imagination. (It would be impossible for one child to rule all imagination, obviously.) But she did claim a sliver for herself and built a kingdom for her and the four other families of the Court of Whitman. The Queen was instantly beloved by all, except one Cadence Maple and her own lackey (that is, her younger sister), who made trouble alongside the rebellious Rangers Three, Trolls, Chickens, and all sorts of other roguish villains.

As the citizens of Imagination fight enemies, explore the furthest reaches of their borders, and enjoy their childhood together, Melody is forced to confront her pride and resistance to friendship. Will she soften her heart to let others in, or let her family’s cross-country moves of the past keep her guard up? And will she be able to share her glorious kingdom? What an epic dilemma—don’t you think?

If that doesn’t sound interesting to you, then put this book back on the shelf and don’t read it. But if you are intrigued, then keep this book in your hand and open it already. I’m not going to tell you the whole story here!


The Myth-Keepers

4-Book Fantasy Series

Synopsis coming soon

Progress on Book 1: 1/43 Chapters Revised

Progress on Book 2: In need of edits

Progress on Books 3 & 4: In need of writing