February 2020 Writing Update

I’m back with monthly writing updates! As a response to my indecision in January, I’ve decided to proceed with Leah Pool’s saga. At the moment, I’m doing that by (slowly) reading through the existing drafts I wrote of the immediate sequel, Onward to Tryon. Similar to the reoutlining approach I used for The Queen of … Continue reading February 2020 Writing Update

Book Review: Adorning the Dark by Andrew Peterson

Andrew Peterson’s Adorning the Dark is an artists’ retreat captured in book form. That’s the simplest and truest way I can describe its impact on me. Adorning the Dark is part-memoir of Peterson’s artistic journey and personal life, part-spiritual reminders for creative souls, part-guidebook for artists. The book isn’t just for your typical “creatives”—writers, musicians, … Continue reading Book Review: Adorning the Dark by Andrew Peterson

I’m Still a Writer

I didn’t write a single new book in 2019. Sure, I did edit two different novels. I created and plotted a whole new series. And this isn’t the first year I haven’t written a new novel. I didn’t complete a new one in 2017 either, and, in fact, I made more writing progress this past … Continue reading I’m Still a Writer

I’ll Be Home for Christmas…But What is “Home”?

Home has always been a complicated concept for me. Moving to new places every few years was a constant given for our family during my childhood. Because of that transience, I often longed for the days when I would be able to settle in one place for a long time. In particular, I dreamed of … Continue reading I’ll Be Home for Christmas…But What is “Home”?

Hitting Pause on Consistency: A Brief Memo

I fully intended to stay on top of my posting. That goal had nothing to do with my readership (which is very, very tiny), but was solely because of my own personal commitment to keep writing consistently. Quite frankly, I am writing consistently. Graduate school papers, that is. It’s been a whirlwind first three weeks … Continue reading Hitting Pause on Consistency: A Brief Memo

September 2019 Writing Update

Fall is on the horizon and I can’t wait for the weather to get chillier! But, seeing as Texas is still in the upper 90s, I might have to wait a long time… Other than the colder weather, Fall also brings back two of my favorite things: football and school. Speaking of school, you might … Continue reading September 2019 Writing Update