Story Study: Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Part 2

Coincidentally, this post was published on the birthday of the greatest father in the galaxy… Darth Vader! Just kidding. It’s my Dad’s birthday. And he loves Star Wars, as I mentioned in Part 1 of my Star Wars story study. Happy birthday, Dad! * I don’t know what’s more controversial these days, the prequels or … Continue reading Story Study: Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Part 2

July 2020 Writing Update & Reflections on Rough Drafts

Wow! 2020 is halfway done! I don’t know about you, but I feel like this new decade has already felt like a full decade… The coming of June meant it was back to work and school for me, but much to my surprise, the rhythm of summer so far has not been as hectic as … Continue reading July 2020 Writing Update & Reflections on Rough Drafts

Story Study: Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Part 1

Since The Rise of Skywalker recently brought the 9-episode Star Wars: Skywalker Saga to an end, I decided to rewatch all of the main films as a study in story during my break from school in May. Though I am extremely familiar with Star Wars, as my dad is a huge fan, I hadn’t seen … Continue reading Story Study: Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Part 1

The Enneagram and Writing Characters

Ah, the Enneagram. Some embrace it wholeheartedly. Some use it as an excuse for their behavior. Some dismiss it as just another personality test. Some, who have no idea what the Enneagram even is, might be cautious. For writers, though, I encourage you to learn about this tool and use it—because I believe it’s powerful … Continue reading The Enneagram and Writing Characters

May 2020 Writing Update

It’s hard for me to even know how to write this writing update. I’m in a period of questioning my writing vocation, so this month’s post will be less about progress/goals and more reflection/processing. I should start by saying that I did not meet my April goal of editing Our Company of Fools. However, this … Continue reading May 2020 Writing Update

April 2020 Writing Update

March was a strange month, as I’m sure we’re all feeling in some way or another. I hope that you are healthy and safe. For my fellow college students, let’s finish this semester strong, shall we? And for those of us who are anxious, let us find peace and comfort in the truth that God … Continue reading April 2020 Writing Update

March 2020 Writing Update

Trying to keep up with my writing goals and aspirations while being a graduate student is difficult. I learned that very quickly last semester. Yet halfway through the second semester of my program, I’m still frustrated with my lack of progress. My frustration, I think, is partly because writing is a deep part of who … Continue reading March 2020 Writing Update