May 2020 Writing Update

It’s hard for me to even know how to write this writing update. I’m in a period of questioning my writing vocation, so this month’s post will be less about progress/goals and more reflection/processing. I should start by saying that I did not meet my April goal of editing Our Company of Fools. However, this … Continue reading May 2020 Writing Update

February 2020 Writing Update

I’m back with monthly writing updates! As a response to my indecision in January, I’ve decided to proceed with Leah Pool’s saga. At the moment, I’m doing that by (slowly) reading through the existing drafts I wrote of the immediate sequel, Onward to Tryon. Similar to the reoutlining approach I used for The Queen of … Continue reading February 2020 Writing Update

I’m Still a Writer

I didn’t write a single new book in 2019. Sure, I did edit two different novels. I created and plotted a whole new series. And this isn’t the first year I haven’t written a new novel. I didn’t complete a new one in 2017 either, and, in fact, I made more writing progress this past … Continue reading I’m Still a Writer

I’ll Be Home for Christmas…But What is “Home”?

Home has always been a complicated concept for me. Moving to new places every few years was a constant given for our family during my childhood. Because of that transience, I often longed for the days when I would be able to settle in one place for a long time. In particular, I dreamed of … Continue reading I’ll Be Home for Christmas…But What is “Home”?

September 2019 Writing Update

Fall is on the horizon and I can’t wait for the weather to get chillier! But, seeing as Texas is still in the upper 90s, I might have to wait a long time… Other than the colder weather, Fall also brings back two of my favorite things: football and school. Speaking of school, you might … Continue reading September 2019 Writing Update

Hello, This is Me: Year 22

As I type this, I’m sipping my morning cup of coffee. It’s a daily occurrence for me, usually followed up by another cup in the early afternoon. The morning cup I usually have over (or after) a dive into God’s incredible Word. I like to save the afternoon cup for writing time. I entered my … Continue reading Hello, This is Me: Year 22

August 2019 Writing Update

How is it already August?! In spite of my disbelief for how quickly time flies, this post’s delay actually isn’t because I lost track of the time. I wanted to give my Gap Year post (read it here) some space before posting again, and I honestly didn’t know if I’d get to writing this by … Continue reading August 2019 Writing Update