Hitting Pause on Consistency: A Brief Memo

I fully intended to stay on top of my posting. That goal had nothing to do with my readership (which is very, very tiny), but was solely because of my own personal commitment to keep writing consistently.

Quite frankly, I am writing consistently. Graduate school papers, that is.

It’s been a whirlwind first three weeks of the semester. It will continue to be a storm, but in the moments of calm, I still hope to work on my novels. For that to happen, and for me to hold onto some sense of sanity, I’m letting go of my desire to write bi-weekly posts on a consistent basis. So, I’m hitting the pause button on this blog. In the scope of my professional career as a writer, it makes more sense to work on my novel craft than to build up some sort of platform on my website. But I intend to return to this site, if just to keep my writing projects up to date and appear with the occasional update when major writing milestones happen, or during my in-between-semester breaks, or if I’m feeling reflective and have the space to take a breath.

Just know that in the hiatus, I’m genuinely enjoying the work I have set before me. School is wonderful, my job is amazing, and, despite the stress, I’m truly thriving again.